Following are the results from the AEUSKF Tournament held Sunday June 8, 2014

Women’s Kyu Division
1st Place: Jessica Alexandria, Boston Shufukai (SF)
2nd Place: Healin Park, Garden State Kendo Alliance (GSK)
3rd Place: Samantha Saw, Hamptons Kendo Dojo
3rd Place: June Lee, Young Moo Kwan (YMK)

Women’s 1- and 2-Dan Division 
1st Place: Amanda Park, 2-Dan, New York City Kendo Club (NYC)
2nd Place: Emma Kim, 2-Dan, NYC
3rd Place: Yunah Park, 2-Dan, YMK
3rd Place: Jessica Ye, 2-Dan, Yale University Kendo Club (YL)

Women’s 3-Dan and Above Division
1st Place: Keiko Umemura, 5-Dan, Kenshinkai (KS)
2nd Place: Natsuki Hosotani, 4-Dan, NYC
3rd Place: Masami Hamasaki, 3-Dan, KS
3rd Place: Junko Inoue, 5-Dan, KS

Men’s Kyu Division 
1st Place: Akia Vonggdara, NYC
2nd Place: Julian Park, GSK
3rd Place: Philip Kwon, GSK
3rd Place: Kwangho Cha, GSK

Men’s 1- and 2-Dan Division
1st Place: Mevlana Geimici, 2-Dan, Cornell University Kendo Club
2nd Place: Kristian Lyu, 2-Dan, YMK
3rd Place: Sung Hun Choi, 2-Dan, New York University Kendo Club
3rd Place Ben Kim, 1-Dan, YMK

Seniors’ Division (Men 50 years and up)
1st Place: Jose Pena, 6-Dan, NYC
2nd Place: Shinobu Numata, 6-Dan, Shinbu-kan (SB)
3rd Place: Ken Suyama, 6-Dan, SB
3rd Place: Thomas Hooper, 6-Dan, Sei-Zan Kai

Men’s 3-Dan and Above Division
1st Place: Takefumi Mitsuda, 5-Dan, NYC
2nd Place: Alex Lin, 4-Dan, NYC
3rd Place: Koichiro Sudo, 6-Dan, KS
3rd Place: Simon Lee, 3-Dan, GSK

Women’s Team Division
1st Place: Kenshinkai, A-Team
2nd Place: Boston Shufukai, A-Team
3rd Place: New York City Kendo Club, A-Team
3rd Place: Ken-Zen Dojo, A-Team

Men’s Team Division
1st Place: New York City Kendo Club, A-Team
2nd Place: Kenshinkai, A-Team
3rd Place: New York City Kendo Club, C-Team
3rd Place: Garden State Kendo Alliance, A-Team
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